Innovation Labs
Spaces for Creativity & Innovation to Flourish
Having a Lab means supporting your employees, customers & partners to find the right answers to important questions, by collaborating and accessing the space, tools, and methods of innovation.
Alina Achiricioaei

Core Functions

Building Innovation Strategy

Conducting Research

Ideation Management

Designing Products & Services

Prototyping & Testing

Building Innovation Culture


Case Studies

STC Innovation Lab

We designed, built and operated the first innovation lab at STC. The goal of the lab was to design new and innovative services for STC employees.

Monshaat DoLab

We designed and built the first innovation lab in the Saudi Public Sector. The entire 4th floor of Monshaat campus was transformed into a hub for creativity and innovation.



It helps in creating new value through agile innovation practices


It tackles complex challenges which seemed unsolvable and brings forward fast solutions


It builds an innovation engine and internal innovative capabilities with a structured innovation process.


It helps organizations to listen to their users and keep them involved in the process of designing products and services that work


Ultimately it brings up cost reduction by ensuring that any service/product that launches will be successful 


Fosters a culture of creativity and innovation inside your company


Design Studio

We are constantly trying to make the dent, make the positive difference.
Innovation Labs
Creative Studio
UX Assessment
Research &Insights


The innovation lab tools are designed to help teams navigate & design new or improve existing services offered by the organization, whether the service is dedicated to staff or to users/clients. The tools come within a toolkit along with a guidebook that explains how to, tool description, requirements, duration etc.


The innovation lab space focuses on envisioning the interior design, looking at how it can function and enable all categories of stakeholders to collaborate and work in different scenarios (meetings, workshops, presentations, project work, prototyping & testing, exhibition etc), what type of furniture and other artefacts will facilitate each of these senarios.


The design of the artifacts and space should reflect the core message of lab’s brand and purpose. Everything people see and engage with in the design of the lab, from the furniture, visual cues and tools should be tailor-made to invoke certain functions from users, to encourage doing, not talking, enable creativity and energize.


The lab system acts as a knowledge hub where users can access the tools; collaboration space for remote work; lab booking system; challenge bank; idea bank where people can add ideas or nominate ones to be taken into implementation; and finally the innovation pipeline where users can see all active projects, status and details. The system elements may differ from one lab to another.


This lab component entails the main elements of the Service Innovation Lab Operational Framework. The extensive framework provides a detailed guideline, tools and processes that will help the Innovation team during its journey to design innovative and impactful services for the organization’s staff and users.

Operating Model

The innovation lab operating model and process is a practical and powerful tool that will help in guiding the core Innovation team achieve the promised mandate of the lab, and evolve the organization to becoming a leading service provider.


The Innovation Lab is the result of the creative collaboration between cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams inside and outside the organization. Such collaboration requires a combination of structure, mindsets and skillsets that will foster the innovation process. The lab champions are multi talented, autonomous individuals, provided with the executive support and tools to deliver the Lab mandates.