Leading Business Innovation

Groundbreaking Learnings


This program is designed to help business leaders build the creative capabilities in their organisation, create a culture of Innovation, and Reinventing their business model while envisioning a competitive innovation strategy.

Throughout this comprehensive program, Business Leaders will also learn how to inspire and lead their staff to achieve competitive advantage by providing an exceptional customer experience, and superior human-centered products and services.

Potenital Attendees:

  • Business leaders
  • Operation managers
  • Customer service teams
  • Transformation leaders
  • Product managers
  • Project managers
  • HR mangers


Leaders will learn the principles of building an innovation engine in their organisations, assess the current innovativeness level, build new value system and growth culture. Leaders will also get the tools, and frameworks to that will help them understand the customers and market needs, design new business models and roadmaps to achieve their innovation vision.


Main topics may include:
– Principles of Innovation management
– How to build an Innovative culture
– How to design customer experiences
– Value proposition design
– Business model innovation
– Setting an Innovation strategy
– Building an innovation portfolio
– Leading change


Each team will apply the tools and exercises to solve real-life challenges faced in their organisations using interactive workshop and hands-on excerscies.

Attendees will get a copy of HUED innovation toolkit and learn how to eaisly deploy those outcomes in their organisations

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